About us...

First Congregational Church of Laingsburg, Michigan was established on July 24, 1864. The original church had a membership of 13 persons including their first minister, Rev. George C. Fox. In 1871, the "little old schoolhouse" that hosted the church was replaced by a new building constructed by the members under the leadership and carpentry skills of Rev. William P. Mulder. 

FCCL has continued to transform to meet the ever changing needs of our congregation, as well as our community, but we haven't lost sight of who we are: a people who deeply desire to Grow God's Love in Community. Because of our trusted 154  year history in the Laingsburg area, and because of our faith in action, we've seen God do some great things through this church and we know that He's not done yet.

sunday service: 10am

office hours: 9am-3pm

monday - wednesday

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